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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Review: Beginners Guide To Unlocking The Guitar

"Easily Start Playing and Singing Your Favorite Songs on the Guitar, Learn Songs Faster and More Efficiently, and Improve Your Guitar Skills 150% in Just One Weekend!"

So claims Jared Crebs, the maker of the Beginners Guide To Unlocking The Guitar

Crebs has been a professional guitar and mentor for over 12 years, So he says he understands the difficulties and frustrations that people go through when learning the guitar.

The course includes the new and revolutionary Muscle Memory Techniques™, countless sound files, easy-to-understand chord charts, over 150 quality pictures and step-by-step instructions that anyone should be able to understand and follow.

Begginers Guide To Unlocking The Guitar program can get you started and playing in as little as 2-3 days, teaches you the correct posture for playing the guitar for hours on end, it even has a supplementary section that shows you how to sing along with your guitar even if you are tone deaf.

So if you are after a program with which to learn the guitar this one might just be for you, afterall it is billed as No FAT, 100% lean, and 150% Fun! and you can't ask for more than that now can you :) Check it out here

The Bartman

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Review: Jamorama – The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit

Ok first cab off the rank is the site Jamorama

Jamorama is promoted as 'The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit' and is one of the most popular sites on the net for learning the guitar.

This package really can show you how to play popular tunes on your guitar… and be the center of attention in no time! (so the makers say)

The package includes:
3 books,
100's of recorded song files that show you how to play over 50 popular songs,
Educational computer games that enable you to read and transcibe music,
A guide to tuning your guitar,
A program called Advanced Learning for Guitar,
Free email consultation

Thats a lot of meat!

Now the question is, is it really that good?

I received an email from a friend the other day about Ben Edwards,
the front man of Jamorama. Here is the dirt my friend managed to dig up:

"Rock stars pay put the nose to learn from this guy. Apparently he's been shuttled between LA and New York to back up todays hottest Grammy winning artists... 'gone platinum' mega rock stars and even an 'Album of the Year' winner!"

Well what do you think about that? I'd suggest you check it out today

The Bartman

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